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Thank you for your interest in our Longhorn Beef! We are keeping our website updated daily on what we have available for immediate pick up or weekly shipments.  Please email Suzanne at to discuss any needs you may have that is not on the website this week.  We process every 2 weeks!

Grass-Fed Longhorn Beef


Longhorn Beef

100% Grass-Fed

100% Grass-Fed

 Registered Texas Longhorn Beef is leaner than other breeds and is lower in saturated fats. Full of flavor, Longhorn beef has less cholesterol and calories than white meat.. Including lean beef in a heart-healthy diet can positively impact blood cholesterol levels.  Longhorn beef does not require additional fat for cooking. The natural fat is enough to cook your meat to perfection. 


100% Grass-Fed

100% Grass-Fed

100% Grass-Fed

Our grass-fed Longhorn Beef is perfectly balanced by nature.  Being lower in calories it has become a perfect choice for the consumer with concerns of fitness, diet and health.  Longhorn Grass-Fed Beef rates the highest in protein. 



100% Grass-Fed


No growth hormones

No antibiotics

No steroids

No artificial/synthetic additives

Low fat

Low cholesterol

Naturally sweet flavor

Not a by-product

Beef, it's what's for Dinner!


Certified Longhorn Beef producer

Our meat is USDA Inspected and State Certified!  We store our meat in a USDA freezer facility to ensure we meet all private, restaurant and commercial sale requirements. 

prime longhorn beef

We believe the prime age for the best Longhorn meat is between 18 months and 2 years.  At this age, they have the perfect lean fat layer,   We castrate all our Longhorn bull calves at weaning to give them a period of growth boosted by testosterone but limiting the hormone induced toughening of meat as they grow older.  We work our cattle daily to ensure our cattle stay stress-free from the beginning.  The less stress cattle endure, the more tender the meat.

custom orders

We do custom orders!  Do you have a specific cut of meat that you just love?  It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality of meat of your liking!  We can customize any order.   

purchase on the hoof

Interested in purchasing a steer on the hoof?  We will feed the animal until you are ready!  Contact us for full details! 

Auto-shipment, never run out of meat

Auto-shipment is the best way to ensure you always have your meat delivered on time.  We will send your previous order information prior to shipment to confirm your order details.  You are welcome to customize, edit or add anything you would like!  We know you are busy, let us take care of this for you!   

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                                       Registered Texas Longhorn Ribeye and Filet

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