Southern Longhorns, created when two people fell in love.  Wes, has a history of working in the dairy farm while Suzanne was born and raised in the city.  While enjoying an evening with great friends, who have Longhorns, we quickly realized, we both had a passion for this beautiful Longhorn breed.  We began doing our homework, meeting and communicating with long time breeders all over Texas.  We researched hour after hour to learn everything we could.  After several weeks, we knew how we wanted to live our lives together.  We put in our first pasture and began our dream business.  We have traveled all over purchasing high quality registered Texas Longhorns, to ensure we began our herd with what we consider the best of the best.  We strive to breed high quality Texas Longhorns that are colorful, big and correct body with a beautiful horn set. 

We look forward to meeting you!!